ACUMA Inside Track Webinar: Proactive Versus Reactive Quality Control - A True Story

When:  Sep 27, 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00 (CT)

Lenders often rely on their post-closing QC process to identify and rectify loan quality and/or compliance issues. This reactive approach only addresses issues after they’ve occurred and often proves costly, time-consuming and ineffective in regards to getting to the root of QC defects, leading to a cycle of constant firefighting that hinders growth and damages stakeholder confidence.

The industry needs to shift its focus from crisis management to prevention with proactive QC. Not only does this approach set credit unions up for success regardless of the origination environment, but it’s also a regulatory imperative now that Fannie Mae requires lenders to conduct pre-funding QC on a minimum of 10% of their production.

In this webinar, leading quality management and control provider, ACES Quality management and a Director of Lending at one of Georgia’s largest credit unions will walk us through how to establish a proactive quality control program. Topics include:

    • Current QC Challenges  
    • Compliance hurdles  
    • How to build a proactive QC Program  
    • How Georgia’s Own Credit Union went from reactive to proactive QC