We Designed Tech Stack Navigator Specially for CU's

By Keith Kemph posted 08-10-2023 10:50


Credit Unions continue to face challenges with technology, many being forced off their current Prime Alliance platform. While it's great that other credit unions will recommend various LOS & POS platforms, it doesn't always mean that it's best for your firm. The LOS and POS market is changing quickly with a ton of M&A's that you may not know about putting your new technology purchase at risk. Remember, tech vendors will tell you they can do anything - they are selling technology. This is why BlackFin launched Tech Stack Navigator for Credit Unions. For only $7,500 within 3 weeks we provide you the top 3 best systems for your firm. This expert insight, mortgage technology expertise, and counsel used to cost firms 30k+ just to get this kind of critical intelligence. Did you know that while it might be cheap to get on some of the more recommended platforms, what they aren't telling you is that it can cost you 250k to 500k to just manage/maintain the system every year after you go live. A cost  I assure you that your CU is not interested in. Your credit union will see you as hero knowing what all your best tech options are that are much less costly and as effective.

I am committed to helping make sure your organization is successful with mortgage technology.  

President & CEO