Michigan First Mortgage Celebrates 40% Increase using Accountable CRM by 90daysales

By Bruce Lund posted 25 days ago


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Michigan First Mortgage Celebrates 40% Increase using Accountable CRM by 90daysales

Detroit, MI — June 17, 2024 — Accountable CRM by 90-Day Sales proudly announces a milestone achievement in collaboration with Michigan First Mortgage, a division of Michigan First Credit Union. Through the implementation of our advanced CRM platform and rigorous 90-Day Sales Coaching Program, Michigan First Mortgage has achieved remarkable growth and efficiency in their mortgage lending operations.

Under the visionary leadership of Dan Sugg, Chief Lending Officer, the initiative has delivered outstanding results, including a staggering 200% increase in pre-approvals, a 70% rise in disclosed loans, and a notable 40% boost in funding. These achievements underscore the transformative impact of combining cutting-edge CRM technology with structured coaching and accountability frameworks.

In this market, when having to work 4x as hard to achieve the same results, it's paramount to coach to a verified system to measure team activity. This program and CRM are an investment in your sales team that will help retrain, refocus and retain your salesforce. - Dan Sugg, Director of Mortgage Lending

The success of the program can be attributed to its comprehensive approach to training and development. It begins with a robust half-day onboarding session, followed by daily utilization of Accountable CRM for activity reporting and prospect management. Weekly live coaching sessions with Dr. Bruce, and monthly performance evaluations ensure continuous improvement and alignment with strategic goals.

"We are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding results achieved by Michigan First Mortgage," said Dr. Bruce, CEO and founder. "Our partnership has empowered their team to implement systematic workflows and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market."

Looking forward, 90-Day Sales Manager remains committed to supporting Michigan First Mortgage in sustaining their momentum. The ongoing partnership includes continued access to Accountable CRM, our patented coach-on-call for personalized support, and monthly mortgage masterminds.

For mortgage lenders seeking to enhance operational efficiency and drive measurable growth, Accountable CRM by 90-Day Sales invites inquiries about our proven solutions. To learn more about how our CRM platform can transform your mortgage team’s outcomes visit or register for our upcoming “Launch and Learn” webinar at to learn more.

About Accountable CRM by 90-Day Sales: Leading credit union provider of mortgage CRM solutions designed to optimize sales performance through accountability and structured coaching. Our platform empowers organizations to achieve sustainable growth by integrating advanced CRM technology with comprehensive training and support.

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24 days ago

A huge shoutout to the incredible team of loan officers at Michigan First! Under the guidance of true leaders, this team has gone above and beyond to ensure success. Their dedication and hard work have truly paid off, and it shows in the outstanding results they consistently achieve.

Thank you, Michigan First, for your commitment to excellence and for making a positive impact in the lives of so many. Your leadership and teamwork are truly inspiring!