Strengths at Work for Your Mortgage Industry

By Scott Albrecht posted 10-31-2023 12:47


A person’s ability to achieve excellence and get the most out of their life is directly linked to understanding, developing and aiming their strengths at the outcomes that matter.

Below is a look at my CliftonStrengths by Gallup

What I do in this industry, really works well for me and is on display every time I take the stage. But did you know strengths are not strengths unless you work on them? That's right. Most of us were born with natural born in attributes like some can run faster than others without going to the gym. However, when those talents are brought to the gym they turn into strengths. When they are not worked on you may run poorly or too fast, stop too quickly, or run too far. You see a Strength not worked on can actually become your weakness. 

Let's dive into Talents a bit more: 

A person’s talents — the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come naturally to them — are the source of their true potential. The better they can apply these talents, the greater their potential to consistently act with more confidence, direction, and hope.

To find more ways to harness our talents, we have to ask ourselves three questions:

How do I identify what I do best?

How can I use my talents to accomplish what is most important to me?

What are my unique contributions?

I have worked with mortgage professionals in this great industry as a strengths coach to help them determine their purpose, their belonging, and their fit in the entire organization given their natural talents. It's a bit of a mind shift from a leadership standpoint to focus on what someone does naturally well vs hyper-focusing on the weaknesses. 

It's a bad strategy to focus time and resources to shore up a weakness to be mediocre versus aligning those same resources on doubling down on your strengths. Actually, most strategic planning sessions I am hired for at credit unions end up focusing on a strengths-based approach to dominating the market versus a plan to fix what's broken. It's so clear once you know your own DNA as a culture, as a department leader, and as an individual contributor. 

People seek coaching when they need a navigator for their journey. They believe that bringing in another perspective will lead them to be more effective — both in times of significant change and in times of stagnation. They seek out coaches who can guide them into the future and help them make smart decisions.

That’s not easy. But incorporating CliftonStrengths into your coaching approach makes it easier.

When people know what makes them talented and unique, they know how to improve their performance and build stronger relationships. And they feel like they’re improving every day.

Strengths-based development is about more than just identifying strengths. It’s about helping people recognize and develop their talents and strengths — and appreciate others’ strengths too.

Gallup researchers have studied human behavior and strengths for decades. They have found that when we encourage people to use their talents to pursue their goals, individual engagement well-being and team performance improve.

ou can use your CliftonStrengths to answer questions like:

  • How do I improve in my career?
  • How can I develop professionally?
  • How can I perform at a higher level?

So the question is, have you taken your Strengths assessment? What's your plan to take your strengths to the gym? Will you use a physical trainer to help coach you to your strengths? ServiStar Consulting has a trainer that can do just that. You have the power to control the controllable. Find your DNA, partner with a Pro, and let's go!!!

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