MCT Industry Webinar – Moving to Mandatory Loan Sales

By Danielle Dvorchak posted 03-11-2024 17:33


Industry Webinar – Moving to Mandatory Loan Sales

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When mortgage bankers sell their loans on the secondary market, most begin using the best efforts loan sale delivery method. As volume begins to pick up, mandatory loan sale delivery becomes attractive for the increased profits… but how do you manage the risk?

In this webinar, MCT's Scott Holtz, VP, South Regional Sales, will discuss how lenders are leveraging mandatory loan sale delivery to improve profitability and manage risk with pipeline hedging. MCT will also review operational changes needed to move from best efforts to mandatory loan sales.
Topics to be covered include:

  • A review of mandatory loan sales and when it makes sense to switch
  • Profitability benefits for moving to mandatory loan sales
  • How pipeline hedging is used to mitigate market risk
  • Operational changes needed to move from best efforts to mandatory loan sales

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About the Webinar Presenter:


Scott Holtz, VP, South Regional Sales, MCT

Mr. Holtz began his mortgage banking career in 1984. He has acquired expertise in the secondary marketing and correspondent lending space, primarily from his time at major industry players, including 11 years at Lomas & Nettleton, 11 years at Countrywide and 8 years at Chase. Throughout his career, Mr. Holtz has focused on building deep, long-term relationships with a wide array of small and large lenders in Texas and throughout the Southern US. He is passionate about being a trusted advisor to clients by facilitating solutions and delivering outstanding service that helps them maximize their success.

Mr. Holtz has a BBA in finance from the University of Texas. He has held various regional and national positions, but always based in the Dallas area, where he currently resides with his wife.

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